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MSN Search

New MSN search was launched yesterday: MSN Search, well the beta version anyway…

Basically they’re dropping Yahoo’s results in favour of their own results gathered by MSNbot, their search engine spider. I’m hoping it launches “for real” very soon as the current MSN relies in Yahoo’s extremely out of date index (most of the copies of pages from the sites I look after in it’s index are 2 months old or more!) and MSN promise to crawl as often as every 2 days to every 2 weeks.

Events, Restaurant Designers & Exhibition Displays – criticalCPA

Today has mainly been about Events, Restaurant Designers & Exhibition Displays – criticalCPA. How do I get a site high in the rankings with not much content? That’s the challenge facing me with this site. The answer is “backlinks, backlinks, backlinks” and of course some careful on-page optimization where there is content…

I’ve submitted this site to lots of relevant directories. I think with this kind of business someone is more likely to look at a directory first and then the company’s site. And if I’m wrong at least I’ll have lots of lovely backlinks from authority sites!

Milford Solutions – SEO for Flash Pages

How to optimize a flash site for the search engines: Milford Solutions – Computer and Network Installation, Upgrade, Repair and Maintenance is a flash site, with flash detection redirects, but fortunately it also has a number of html pages linked via standard links not in the flash movie. These pages can be optimized for some of the target keywords but the aim is to get the flash pages to rank highly. Fortunately Google can spider flash movies to a certain degree but some tricks need to be employed nevertheless:-

I’ve created a site map for the spiders to follow (it also gives me another html page to optimize!) so all the pages have been spidered.

Choosing the correct anchor text is vital too, as Google uses anchor text a lot in my experience, so I’ve chosen “Milford Solutions Computer and Network Installation”.

Next I’ve submitted to all the major directories, the site was listed in DMOZ in 8 days which I think must be some kind of record!

I’ve also played about with a text version of the site but I’m still waiting for some results for that…

The Vintage Paint Company – niche marketing

Spent the day optimizing The Vintage Paint Company – manufacturers & suppliers of specialist paint for restoration & preservation of classic & vintage items website for some of their more “niche” terms: Minneapolis Moline, vintage john deere tractors, etc. This site gets good traffic from optimizing for very niche markets, and well optimized pages with good search engine rankings bring in the customers.

Action Figure Supplies – Vintage Star Wars, Action Man, GI Joe weapons, vehicles and accessories

Gave my personal site Action Figure Supplies – Vintage Star Wars, Action Man, GI Joe weapons, vehicles and accessories some search engine love and affection today, optimised the various categories for their primary keywords. It already ranked quite well (usually page 2 or 3) but I want to push it into the top 10. I recently added individual title, description and keyowrd tages per category whereas before all the pages had the same information in these tags. The change is already yeilding results just 2 weeks later. All I need now is some stock!

I find it best to leave a site that has been untouched for a while for a few weeks after making changes to give the spiders time to visit your site and index the new content. This also stops you making rash knee-jerk changes when your efforts don’t seem to yield instant results. Unfortunately there are very few quick fixes where search engines are concerned…