More Carrick Select tweaking!

Today I have mostly been working on the Carrick Select Wedding and Honeymoon Cruises page. This is my “experiment” page, basically I’ve layed it out using CSS and divs to improve the prominence of the body text area on the page, made it validate to W3C standards, etc. The rest of the site uses tables for laying out the information. Today I’ve improved the density and prominence for all the keywords (wedding cruises, honeymoon cruises, weddings in mauritius), changed a few image names and added to the body text.

The backlink changes have finally propogated to the main Google index, Carrick Select went from 1 backlink to 4, mainly from the internal restructuring I did earlier in the month when I changed the links from to just

Google backlinks and SERPS changes?

There’s a big Google update due any day now and I’m trying to get Carrick Select – Travel Agents for Coventry and Birmingham website to rank well. I’ve been adding loads of reciprocal and themed links (42 so far this month) so I’m keen to see the results and if it will drag this site up to the top of the rankings in Google and encourage the other search engine spiders on to crawl this site. Fingers crossed!


Time to try out this blogging thing I’ve heard so much about!

I’m going to use this to post my experiences and frustrations as I optimise my clients’ sites for search engines. Hopefully they’ll be some gems of information in it that you will find useful.