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Using Alexa for visitor demographics

Alexa often gets bad press for it’s inaccurate statistics but in many cases it’s surprisingly accurate. A quick look at the Traffic Details from Alexa for The Sensualist shows that not only do they have the top keywords exactly the same as Google Analytics reports them but I also discovered some useful marketing data. Alexa shows basic demographic data for your visitors in a series of basic graphs. A quick look will show you the Age, Gender, Education, Browsing Location (home or work) and whether your visitors have children or not, relative to the general Internet browsing population. In The Sensualist’s case you can see that males are under-represented, eg the site attracts mainly females, which is good for a lingerie site and that, understandably, most people visit the site from their home computer.

So it seems that whilst the traffic stats may be out the other data seems pretty much on the money and is worth a look if you’re after some free demographics information.