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Proof that Google Plus Helps Rankings

A couple of months ago I re-developed a site for my Dad’s knitting business, Tandy Knitting Wools, to complement his eBay shop. We’d launched a site a few years previously but were having problems keeping stock up to date between eBay and his own website and the bricks and mortar shop so we closed the e-commerce site for a while. We launched the new Magento-based site in September and I waited a while for Google to do it’s thing and assign us some rankings. I built a few links, posted a few things on Facebook, Twitter, a Google Plus post, etc. and slowly the rankings climbed to around the 50s – 80s mark for most of the keyphrases I was keeping an eye on and settled there. Obviously the site was in need of a boost up the rankings but how? After Penguin and Panda the old ways of building links were no good to me and spending time writing and publishing articles wasn’t really practical so I decided that social media was the best way to increase not only rankings but conversions and to draw new customers in. My first step had a dramatic effect on rankings… The site went from ranking in the 60 – 80 region to top 10 in just 6 days!

So, what did I do that had such an effect? Well it’s extremely simple, I set up a Google Plus page for the site. All I added was the site’s URL, the shop’s physical address,  phone, and email address and logo. Nothing else, no photos, no videos, no posts on the page. The page isn’t even verified yet (waiting on the postcard) and the rankings went rocketing upwards.

Cygnet DK Wool went from 40 to 8, Cygnet DK went from 15 to 4, King Cole Big Value Chunky from 82 to 14, Krystal Wool from 52 to 11, Wondersoft Wool from 70 to 18 and many more! All this just by spending 5 minutes signing up for a free Google Plus page. Today I’ve linked the site to the Google Plus page using the rel=author and rel=publisher attributes so we’ll see what effect that has on rankings.