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Introducing Bing!

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer revealed Bing! to the world tpday at the D: All Things Digital conference earlier today and now the Live Search Blog introduces the rest of us to the sound of found: Bing!.

“Today we’re introducing a new kind of search that goes beyond traditional search engines to help you make faster, more informed decisions. It will do this by combining a great search engine (with powerful new features to improve your results for any query), more organized results, and unique tools to help you make important decisions. We think of Bing as a Decision Engine.” says the blog entry.

“Bing is rolling out internally to Microsoft employees worldwide today and will be available to you and your friends in the coming days.”

Personally I’ll be interested to see if it produces relevant results, is easy to use and helps me find things quicker. In other words all the things Live Search doesn’t do!