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Yahoo! Site! Explorer! Gets! Makeover!

Yahoo! Site Explorer has been updated with new features and a slightly new look. The new interface now shows more detail about your sites such as number of pages Yahoo! knows about, the number of pages crawled, number of hosts on this domain name (useful for sites on shared hosting), inbound links and outbound links. The whole thing seems to work quicker than before as well which is a welcome bonus.

Below is a screenshot of the new look interface and statistics panel:

My only gripe is that it’s not immediately obvious how to access the statistics from the main dashboard. I had to click the feeds link and then the sub-menu became accessible to me.

Google sitemaps, now with added backlinks!

Google’s sitemaps console has added another new and much sought after feature, backlinks! It appears as a new tab at the top of the sitemaps page (next to statistics) and shows a breakdown of the number back links for your site by page. If you click the link next to it you get a list of said links. Neat huh?
You can also find who’s linking to a specific page on your site with a nifty little search tool, handy if you have a huge site with hundreds or thousands of pages. All in all a much welcome update form the Google Sitemaps team.