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Tip of the Week: McAfee SiteAdvisor

This is the first of a new (hopefully) weekly series of posts to help your site in the search engine rankings and gain more visitors. Todays top tip is to submit your site for McAfee SiteAdvisor testing. It’s free and almost instant and gives feedback on whether McAfee, one of the leading online security companies knows of any security problems with your site. Used in addition to Google Webmaster Tools this site can help you to really cover your bases and find out if your site is hosting malware or other nasties, if you’ve been flagged as a spammer and more.

How can this help your search engine rankings you ask? Well those clever folks at Yahoo are integrating McAfee SiteAdvisor information into their search engine results pages (SERPS) as seen on the screen shot to the right. It goes without saying that a safe site will inevitably get more clicks than an unsafe site as the screen shot below for warez (illegal downloads) sites shows. You can clearly see the warning mark from McAfee on the first result in the image below. This was the second page of results, the first page all featured “clean” results.

So this week’s top tip: Show your site is secure, build trust, gain rankings and clicks.