Ch-ch-changes at Google

Today marks an important event for Google as they switch their results to the new HTML standard, HTML 5. HTML 5 allows more interactivity whislt using less additional languages like JavaScript, ActiveX plugins and so on. This will allow Google to embed videos and other interactive features straight into the results set without the need to worry about if a user has JavaScript turned on or has the right plugins installed to view a video. From tomorrow (or possibly sometime later today in the UK), Google’s search results pages will be AJAX powered meaning that as you switch pages of Google results they will load almost instantly, like the new Google Image search results. Google tested AJAX results in February this year and it seems this will be included in this latest update. It is anticipated that the results will also show 30 results per page rather than the standard 10 blue links.

Google showcased some HTML 5 capability yesterday with it’s floating balls logo that was controlled by your mouse (but wasn’t fully HTML 5 driven, it used some JavaScript).

Today’s logo is even funkier in my opinion, a plain grey Google that colours in as you type!

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