Free email addresses

This hasn’t really got anything to do with SEO but everything to do with perception. In the course of my work I notice a lot of small and medium sized businesses have a website with their own business’s domain name but insist on using their free email address that their ISP provides or a hotmail address. I would much rather email that The former appears much more professional, it gives off the idea that you are a “proper” business rather than someone operating out of their garage or bedroom. Remember that the Internet can be a great leveller in business, it allows the little guy to compete directly with the big guys and on a global scale so why narrow that scale by using a free web address? It just makes you look cheap and ever so slightly technically incompetant. After all it’s not hard to set up email for your domain name and any good host should provide some sort of webmail interface so if you can use the horror that is hotmail surely you can adapt to a different system?
You’ve paid for your domain and associated email addresses, so why not use them? Seperate business and pleasure, improve your company’s image with a very simple step.

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