Google adds “Rich Snippets”

Google has updated their results pages with an improvement to the “Snippets” area of the results. The “Snippet” is the short description of a page under each result, usually taken from the page itself but occassionally pulled from DMOZ or the Google directory. The New “Rich Snippets”, seen on the right add extra information pulled from the page and currently covers people and reviews.

Now here’s the best part, by utilising certain markup formats (microformats and RDFa), you can control the data that Google shows. “By incorporating standard annotations in your pages, you not only make your structured data available for Google’s search results, but also for any service or tool that supports the same standard. As structured data becomes more widespread on the web, we expect to find many new applications for it, and we’re excited about the possibilities.” says Google Engineers Kavi Goel, Ramanathan V. Guha, and Othar Hansson in the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. Rich Snippets also support existing vCard and hReview types.”Sites that use Google Custom Search will be able to define their own types, which we will index and present to users in rich Custom Search results pages.”

The new “Rich Snippets” will be rolled out gradually and improved as Google recieves feedback.

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