Google Panda Update Hits The UK

It’s been very quiet on this blog for far too long so it’s time to rectify that. I can’t promise regular updates but I’ll try and post something at least monthly! The big news of the last month or so is the latest Google algorithm update nicknamed “Panda” officially by Google after an engineer on their team or “Farmer” as the algorithm attempts to weed out so-called “content farms” that scrape content from the web and wrap it in adsense adverts.

There have been hundreds of posts on various SEO forums and news sites describing the “pandapocalypse” as sites in the US were hit by Panda and tumbled down the Google rankings and lost traffic and income as a result. On Monday 11th April the update was rolled out to Google’s other English properties such as Google UK and UK-based SEOs were braced for a similar drop. I’m pleased to say that absolutely none of the sites I perform search engine optimization on have been affected by Panda in an adverse way and have even benefitted from some of the lower quality sites have dropped. So forgive me for blowing my own trumpet but it speaks volumes about the quality of content that our clients have produced and the work I have done on my clients’ sites to help them up the rankings.

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