Google Search Options

Google has added an extra feature to it’s search results that they’re calling “Search Options”. The options take the form of a link near the top of the page that toggles an sidebar with extra options to refine your results.

Clicking the link shows options to choose between video, forum and review results, by time scale, to show images from the pages or more text and finally my personal favourite options where things get a bit more interesting.

The last set of choices are:

  • “Standard View” – the basic Google results view
  • “Related searches” – the suggestions you sometimes see at the bottom of the search results page
  • “Wonder Wheel” which appears to show related search terms in a wheel shaped diagram which then spin off to show other related terms. Perfect for researching keywords and semantics!
  • And finally there’s “Timeline” view which shows a potted history of the thing you’re searching for, in our example it’s a timeline of the light bulb, from Edison to the present day.

Seems I’m not exactly on the ball here as Google’s Matt Cutts showed this feature on the 12th May on his blog!

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