Removing Voltrank Increased My Rankings

Following on from my recent post about Voltrank’s ineffectiveness at increasing rankings I thought you may be interested to know what effect that has had on rankings. A week on from deactivating and uninstalling Voltrank my rankings for my entire site have shot up considerably. I mentioned 2 target phrases in my original post and for the the first of these, “bra measuring guide,” my site is not firmly in the top 10 of Google UK and for the second, “lingerie guide,” the page is hovering around postion 15 or 16. Rankings across the site have improved immensely for many of the keywords I’m tracking for the site with a few top 10 and top 20 results just a week after being nowhere in the top 200! I am aware that some of this boost may be coming from the links I placed in my previous post but that wouldn’t really explain the site wide jump. I mean this blog isn’t exactly popular so there’s very little link juice flowing around. I think this just reinforces that my experience with Voltrank was bad. To back this up, here’s a screen shot from my Google Analytics account for this site:

Yep that’s five fold increase in traffic after the site was re-ranked. Yes it’s only 14 or 15 a day but it’s a lot better than 2 a day!

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