SEO News round up

It’s been a hectic week here at Denial Towers so I’ve not been able to blog about this week’s stories so I thought I’d do a quick round up of the SEO news headline.

Microsoft will unveil their new look search next week at the D: All Things Digital conference before going live at the SMX Advanced conference a week later. Developed under the codename “Kumo” there has been speculation as to what Microsoft will call this new search technology. Will it use an existing brand like Live or MSN Search or even it’s codename, Kumo? Or something else entirely new like Sift, Hook or Bing? is owned by someone else and Microsoft’s Sift seems to be a mobile search platform, is also already taken which leaves us with Bing. is owned by Microsoft but Google’s Matt Cutts posted on Twitter that the US Trademark Office rejected the application due to the fact a similar mark is already registered to Bing Mobile Inc.

Yahoo is also getting ready to revamp their search. Apparently they want to get rid of the “10 blue links” and change to a system they are calling “WOO”, or Web Of Objects” instead of the current “Web Of Pages”. WOO is an attemopt to return “a better representation of the “real world” in search results. In other words: more closely aligning user intent with search results and mapping those to real-world tasks.” and will include multi-media elements.

Yahoo have also been singing the praises of BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) and SearchMonkey (which is now 1 year old).

Google are changing the way Google Suggest works (the drop down that suggests queries as you type). See the Official Blog for more information.

And finally Google founder Larry Page is at today’s Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix as a guest of Vodafone (and by extension, Ferrari who Vodafone sponsor). Maybe Google are looking at some sort of deal with Vodafone or maybe Mr. Page is just trying to score a new Ferrari!

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