Technology Review: TR10: Intelligent Software Assistant

I’ve just been alerted by Live Search’s Twitter to this article:
Technology Review: TR10: Intelligent Software Assistant.

Silicon Valley start up company Siri are working on a virtual personal assistant to help users complete tasks rather than simply searching for things.

“Mindful of the sometimes spectacular failure of previous attempts to create a virtual personal assistant, Siri’s founders have set their sights conservatively. The initial version, to be released this year, will be aimed at mobile users and will perform only specific types of functions, such as helping make reservations at restaurants, check flight status, or plan weekend activities. Users can type or speak commands in casual sentences, and the software deciphers their intent from the context. Siri is connected to multiple online services, so a quick interaction with it can accomplish several small tasks that would normally require visits to a number of websites. For example, a user can ask Siri to find a midpriced Chinese restaurant in a specific part of town and make a reservation there.”

Sounds somewhat similar to Wolfram Alpha which we’ve covered before.

Start placing bets now on how long it’ll be before Microsoft buy Siri. If they’re tweeting about it, maybe they’re keeping a close eye on it too?

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