British scientist to launch Google killer?

Stephen Wolfram, a British scientist, is set to launch a new search engine in May 2009 called Wolfram|Alpha. Utilising Wolfram’s Mathematica and NKS inventions, Wolfram and his helpers created a system that “knows a lot and can figure out a lot”.
“With Mathematica, I had a symbolic language to represent anything, as well as the algorithmic power to do any kind of computation. And with NKS, I had a paradigm for understanding how all sorts of complexity could arise from simple rules,” according to Wolfram’s blog.

“Armed with Mathematica and NKS I realised there’s another way: explicitly implement methods and models as algorithms, and explicitly curate all data so that it is immediately computable.”

The system supposedly understands natural human language queries. But then didn’t Ask Jeeves promise that back in the day? We’ll see if it works in May! Could this be a Google killer? The last search engine claiming this title Cuil seems to have fallen off the radar of late until it announced a makeover recently along with some technical tweaks like ajax page turning, also trialled by Google recently.

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