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Google trumps Yahoo! and Live for speed and relevancy

As an avid Formula 1 fan I’ve been closely following the fate of the old Honda F1 team after Honda announced on the 5th December that it was selling the team and pulling out of Formula 1 due to the economic downturn. At midnight last night ex-Honda team principal Ross Brawn announced he had completed a management buy-out of the old Honda team and was renaming the team “Brawn GP”. What does this all have to do with the search engines you ask? Well the new Brawn GP website was launched sometime in the early hours of this morning and a quick search on the major UK search engines (Google, Live, Ask and Yahoo!) for “brawn gp” revealed some interesting results.

Predictably Google has got it spot on and indexed and ranked the Brawn GP site within hours of it’s launch. It’s ranked third at the moment but expect that to change very soon. The index date says it was indexed around 8 hours ago from the time I’m writing this article. It’s rankings are probably helped by a link from the BBC Sport website’s story about the takeover.

Yahoo has some nice relevant results, mainly news stories about Ross Brawn and a wikipedia entry for him but no Brawn GP website. It’s not even indexed.

Ask similarly returns a glut of news results and F1 related sites but no official website.

Live / MSN fails miserably. There are some relevant news results at the top of he SERPS but the main results are atrocious. For some reason it thinks I typed Brown GP so returns sites for a Chartered Accountant (???!), a GUI Package, Pony Club classified ads and pages about Gordon Brown and the health service. Sigh. Until Microsoft work out that this kind of thing is preventing them from dominating search they’ll continue to stumble around blindly trying to invent the next big thing when all we want is relevancy and speed. Squirrelled away at the top of the page it does say “Results are included for brown gp. Show just the results for brawn gp.” and clicking on this returns some relevant results but again no official site. While Google and Yahoo! both suggest that I may have misspelled something they at least return results for what I’ve actually entered, not what it thinks I wanted. It’s like that damn Office paper-clip all over again…