Denial Design – PR penalized?

I noticed today that my home page is showing as PR 0 🙁

However the internal pages are still PR 5. Maybe some kind of update is happening, maybe I have a penalty… Recently I made 2 small (to me) changes, I pointed the IP address of my domain to the server of my .com domain whereas before I had a 301 redirect in place and I made my site conform to Section 508 accessibilty guidelines again.

I experimented with the IP change to see if it would affect my Google UK rankings (my site is now listed as a uk site but at what price?). A quick check of my rankings has shown I’ve dropped dramatically for “web design wolverhampton” (my site was ranked #3 on, now it’s not even top 50). So have I been penalized? The little white PR bar seems to say yes… Perhaps a duplicate content penalty? Perhaps Google just can’t work out my PR?

It also looks like I’ve been dumped from the Google directory although I’m still listed in DMOZ as before.

I was tempted to restore the 301 redirect but I’ll leave it and see what happens…

Watch this space.

Update: seochat’s PR Lookup and future PR tools both show my site as a PR 5 still. Maybe my toolbar is just playing up (fingers crossed!)

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