Now Google UK has a Sesame Street logo!

Following on from our Wallace and Gromit post the other day where we mentioned that most of the other Google sites around the world had Sesame Street themed logos whilst Google UK had Wallace and Gromit, Google UK (and Google France, Spain, Australia, Arabic, Canada, Belgium, Finland, Hong Kong, Hrvatska, Indonesia, India, Israel, Japan, Korea and many more) has a Sesame Street logo today. Again it’s celebrating 40 years of Sesame Street but I can’t help wondering if Google got their dates wrong as according to the official Sesame Street site the show was first broadcast on November 10th 1969, so Google is 4 – 6 days off.

*Update* Missed this yesterday but Google UK had Cookie Monster on the home page so it looks like Google are doing some sort of countdown to the 40th Anniversary.

And of course don’t forget that since 2001 Google has been available in Swedish Chef as well as Elmer Fudd, Klingon, Pirate and Hacker.

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