Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Tips for making information universally accessible

The Official Google Webmaster Central Blog has posted these “Tips for making information universally accessible“. Written by a visually impaired researcher at Google it offers some simple, common-sense tips to improve your site and also help your search engine rankings at the same time, not to mention opening up your site to thousands of visually impaired web users / potential customers.

The article also shows us Google Accessible Search, a beta product that ranks accessible sites higher than their non-accessible equivalents. Of course in a perfect world where every site was web standards compliant and accessible such a feature would not be needed but unfortunately whilst we still have WYSIWYG editors that created non-standard code or use their own proprietary code there will always be a need for accessible search engines.

Denial Design aims to make all the sites we develop as accessible as possible and to W3C web standards. For more information visit our accessibility page.

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