Windows Live updates Webmaster Tools console

Live Search has updated it’s webmasters’ tools console with new features. Now those handy folks at MSN (sorry Live Search) can tell you how many backlinks your site has, and also if there are any issues with your site to stop it being indexed. Whilst the interface is not as easy to use, nice to look at or as polished as Google’s equivalent it certainly does the job.

A new tab has been added to the console called “Crawl Issues” and this shows a form where you can choose from “File Not Found (404)”, “Blocked by REP” (that’s Robots Exclusion Protocol), “Long Dynamic URL” or “Unsupported Content Type.” There’s also an option to filter your results by sub-domain or sub-folder.

The backlinks section has been expanded to now showhow many backlinks you have and the ability to download the data of all the links as a CSV file. However the console itself only shows the first 20 backlinks but there is the option to filter by domain, sub-domain or sub-folder. Downloading the list gives you the same comprehensive information such as page title, url, page score (from 1 to 5), region and language as the console.

Overall a welcome addition to their console and gives me much more reason to use what was a pretty useless application until now. All we need now is for Yahoo! SiteExplorer to start giving us some useful info and all will be good.

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